The other dolphin dream

This dream happened as I was finishing up my thesis and preparing to leave and go to Kew. Jen and I were unprepared and anxious about leaving home and staying in a foreign country. I remember that we had landed and were going to meet up with my employer and friend at, of all places, Macdonalds. As we were walking along the road, I remember that there was someone stalking us and trying to prevent us from reaching our destination. But finally I met my friend and Jen stayed behind and somehow got lost, I was worried but somehow kept on going along. So I was brought along to a building and up a spiral staircase. Surrouding this staircase that went three levels up was a huge aquarium. As I walked up, two dolphins, a mother and her young about half her size, swam towards me close to the glass. The moment was quite tender and I gazed upon them for quite a while. It was as though they bade me goodbye as them turned and swam away and dissappeared into the waters. Almost a year later, I found myself at Heathrow at the latter part of our stay, seeing a pregnant Jen off and was reminded of this dream…


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