An audience of three

Today, I captivated an audience of three. In the middle was an old stalwart in his 50’s, and on his right, a man 10 years his junior. On his left was a lady my age.

I regaled, I inspired and I stoked the flames of long forgotten ideals. The angst was showing in Mr Chairman and the room felt smaller as necks stretched forward and they listened with anticipation. I was asked what my inspiration was and I spoke of the writing in the journal, and how it had stuck in my head, infecting my thoughts which lead me on a journey, a response to a call.

I was eloquent with ideas that had ruminated in my mind the last few months and I spoke of the system and elitism; of the neighbourhood from where I had received my education. My opinions were measured directly at Mr Chairman, with whom I seemed to have made an impression. My thoughts though, were on the right-hand man, who seemed unmoved. He asked a question and I answered at length and he perked up. The lady then asked what true learning was and I made a speech about experiential learning and related it to my own learning curves in both lab and field. It seemed to go well with them and the crowd cheered. They were in consensus.

The question came for which I had thought about many nights and many days. I answered from the heart and I felt the crescendo in the room.

It was time to go and I was warmly told to have a good day, twice.

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