Less expensive coffee please.

Do not be afraid to contradict the world. How resonating this sentence is…

Watched Mother Teresa of Calcutta over the weekend. Order the DVD online at SGD$29.90 from Popular. Those words have been in my head eversince. Jen liked the part where Mother Teresa likened herself to a pencil and that God was the writer. She squealed with awe and said “wah liao…” I am rereading the book about her. Actually, I find the writing (Spink, 1997) about her life very soothing and a balm to a very convoluted/ing world. The parts I really like in the film is the part where she leaves the convent prior to starting her work in the slums and how she dissolved the funds committee during a business-like meeting where $3 mineral water was served and talks about how SMS was going to reduce some of their logistics costs were carried out. $3 apparently, was a year’s school fees in Calcutta then. (Of course as I write, I am drinking a S$2.10 cup of coffee; I must try my best to consume less expensive coffee…).

Spink, Kathryn (1997). Mother Teresa : a complete authorized biography . Kathryn Spink. HarperSanFrancisco, San Francisco: c1997. ISBN: 0062508253 0062515535


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