Steve Vai and the Charism of Madre Teresa

Last night was the Vai concert. I am two minds about it. At the beginning was some hot-blooded rifts and guitar solos but after an hour or so, it just felt like guitar overdose… Maybe I am just getting old. It was great to be there though and there were moments when I was transported 10 years back, jamming with the band. Of course Vai still kicks ass on stage.

They also featured a local guitarist who had won a contest and got to play alongside Vai for a while. Vai introduced him and ask if his “sound was okay” and said “okay, now don’t you kick my ass”. They played a Hendrix song and the guy ?Rezmi was just standing at the corner unassumingly. I thought he was a gonner and would stand there pretending to strum. How wrong. He started to really kick ass with his guitar. His rift lasted for a sizzling 3 minutes – Unbelievable. He become somewhat of a national pride to the crowd and there were hands in the air in the “rock configuration” in approval. I felt very proud of him. Now that is something to be really proud of. Screw table tennis.

At 11, made my way back to the car and drove back all the time chanting,” Don’t forget to bring home Matt from my mum’s”

At 0100 after Matt’s feed, a bath and stomach churning Kimchi instant noodles, I put in the Madre Teresa of Calcutta into the iBook. This is the second time I am watching it and it moves me even more. (What a pondan). I sleep, wake up at 3.30 to feed master, sleep wake up at 7 and feed master again and watch another half hour of Madre Teresa. It moves me again.

So I am thinking; two hours of ear-busting guitar from a world’s virtuoso vs a slightly poor production of the little woman’s life.


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