Mt Imbiah

Mt Imbiah
Originally uploaded by lekowala.

After a dismal afternoon at Sentosa – they took away the swings at the Orchid nursery just in front of the nice chapel and I felt a pang seeing that the monorail tracks leading out of the visitor centre was gone, we drove round the island disgruntled (very) about the many ongoing, never ending cosmetic changes to the island (faster than you could say “Not guilty” ten times). Finally saw a roadsign at the base of a hill with the words Mt Imbiah. The nice narrow road led us to the command buildings and to the gun emplacement of Mt Imbiah. Built by the British in the 1880’s to “protect the western approaches of the Singapore Harbour”. It was abandoned in the 1930’s when Fort Connaught was updated with three 9.2 inch guns. Read more at this excellent Fort Siloso website. The entire outfit is still much intact except for the 9.2 inch Coastal Artillery Gun . A sense of history pervaded and I was glad that we were there and it was warming to see the kids run around the historical landmark. It would have cost us a dear $21 to go into Fort Siloso and it is such a pity we have to pay to feel a sense of our own history.


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