Oak trees in MacRitchie

Lithocarpus sp.
Originally uploaded by lekowala.

These are the acorns of a Lithocarpus sp. MacRitchie, 11 Mar 2005. “That Oak-trees (Quercus, Lithocarpus) occur in Malaya often comes as a surprise because our ideas on the nature and distribution of plants are sadly distorted through ignorance of tropical botany”, Corner (1998) in Wayside trees of Malaya.

Corner, E.J.H. (1988). Wayside Trees of Malaya.Vol 1. The Malayan Nature Society, KL, Malaysia


One thought on “Oak trees in MacRitchie

  1. whoah
    yeah never knew that there were oak in singapore especially when i was in santa barbara, oak valleys are the predominant ecosystem and i was blur blur never seen oak before
    but im sure the oak here wouldn’t be the same as in Cali right? mmmm
    btw your recommendation on wallace’s line made a mark on me and i ended up doing a paper on wallace’s line and island biogeog on the sundaland tigers in my biogeog class in UCSB hehehe 😛
    ooo btw im baaaack!


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