Ketok your head

Parkia speciosa
Originally uploaded by lekowala.

Parkia speciosa. Form the Mimosoideae; Leguminosae. speciosa in latin means showy or beautiful. My father said that “in the old kampung days” the inflorescence which looks like a bulb set on a long stalk was used to play a game called ketok ketok and they would use that to hit each other on the head.

The beans are the famous petai which is another favorite delicacy when fried with sambal.

Picutre taken today with my free BenQ camera that came with the SCV (which has been terminated because of too much moving images, music videos and travel and adventure). The pictures are disappointing but I just need an image to blog on. This I blame Otterman. Why all this call-signs? like Maverick and Goose.


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