Xylocarpus granatum

Xylocarpus granatum
Originally uploaded by lekowala.

Thanks to rusty botanical knowledge, I couldn’t tell which Xylocarpus species this was. Thankfully, someone in the group had the “Guide to the mangroves of Singapore I”.
me:” eh, which xylocarpus is this; I know got two.”
hk:” according to the guidebook Xylocarpus granatum has yellowish or greenish, smooth and flaking bark (vs. dark grey, non-flaking fissured bark in X. moluccensis).”
me: “okay, easy peasy.”


One thought on “Xylocarpus granatum

  1. I have a doubt whether Genus Xylocarpus has three species. How to differentiate the three species in any stage of plant life. Is Xylocarpus mekongensis and X. molluccensis synonymous or otherwise quite different from each other.
    Please clarify this.

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