“There was you”

I took out the cd and listened. It was Kai, a street performer in Covent Garden. I remember the rumbling rides on the tube back and forth and staring out into the fields and cosy looking homes. The leftover newspapers in the train. Jee-hin had come over from the US to visit for a week and we spent most of the week roaming the streets of London. We used to just huddle one corner in the cold autumn afternoon listening to musicians till evening beset us, which was early. We had spent most of our youth writing, playing and recording songs. It was nice to be in that moment. We were one with the musicians; their hopes of a tune reaching to someone who would appreciate. I can still remember the smells of the bazaars; there were many scent shops so it was a potpourri of smells.

I took out the CD and smelt it and for a moment I was transported back. Should I dwell in the past? I didn’t just dwell, I closed my eyes and dove right in and swam around and stirred the stagnant waters of my past. I came to a part where the waters were not so mirky and bespeckled with gems. It was a place oft visited when restful reminiscence was needed. Ahhh, these were the jewels that could never rust and where moths could not destroy, whilst the walls of some places darken, these gems sparkled with chemicals of many oxidation states. How true how true.

“There was you, there was me
But we never found out what could be
Cause we came from such a different place….

Give your heart a second chance
even if you lose your first and last romance
Everyday I miss you smile. Everyday is such a long long while.”

Excerpted from “There was you”
SARI: Pearltree in the Wilderness by KAI JANSEN


3 thoughts on ““There was you”

  1. woah. I din know that you were so musically inclined to write and record music! Interested to come and play with our church choir? We have a band, made up of guitar, bass, drums and pianist. We have lots of kids running around during mass belonging to the members of the choir, a real fun to keep me looking forward to sunday masses.

    Also, we have a v v v cool music guy who sings so mesmerizingly well, he’s helping us poor souls who can barely quack a few notes to sing better.

    gimme a buzz if this sounds interesting to you. *wink*

    p/s: the ave age of the group is in the late twenties, early thirties… so v no short of kakis

  2. 30.1.7
    It’s the end of another month in another year…
    Hi Lekowala,
    What does that mean anyway? Lekowala… sounds like it should have some exotic, but probably, thoroughly down-to-earth meaning..?
    Came across these pages the other day. It was nice to hear the other side of Covent Garden. I spent too many years there, altogether 23yrs., at one point being the oldest serving member of the ‘street-entertainment’ fraternity.
    Thanks for remembering. I did have some great days down there and all too many not-so-good. You know, wind & the weather. The winters have always been hard. I swear I’ll give it up soon.
    I no longer play the Garden. The people changed and it’s become something else for me, which I no longer want to be part of.
    Places are made up of people, places like this anyway, and when certain people leave, places begin to change.
    Peter Scutt, a man I always quietly admired, left. Peter ran the place for most of the time I was there. Management always affects everything, apart from politics, which also affected the Garden. There was a strange naivity and almost innocence about Covent Garden throughout the 80’s and half the 90’s, and then big business arrived with a vengeance.
    Personally, I blame the Royal Opera House development, which took a big hand in screwing the atmosphere.
    How they were ever allowed to get away with knocking down a street full of Georgian ‘listed’ buildings and destroying the only bit of greenery there etc.
    Money talks and political-types will sell their souls for a dollar.
    So you see, memory is a great thing. I have so many stored images which are the only things left from some very great days and inumerable shows not only by myself but all the guys, classical, rock, comedians, mime-acts, magicians, jugglers, crazy-people like Pepe, who probably has one of the weirdest and funniest shows, and the most difficult personality on his small shoulders. I will always love them… Terry St.Clair, The Gutter Brothers, Ozzie, Roy them magician(I sold him my old Transit), Kai Choi String Quartet, Pam & …whose name I forget(Robot husband & wife act), Tich from the Klingonz.. The Flaming Hamsters, who later became ‘The Philly girls'(TV ad), Eddie Izzard, Chandos, and Phil Edmonds(still see Phil around). I didn’t get to know them all, but I watched a lot of shows inbetween mine and learnt from most of them one thing or another. There were so many good performers there. It was a little ‘flowering’ which was never quite picked up on by big business or most of the media, and even a lot of the residents never fully realised what they had amongst them.
    Only the ‘street-guys’, you know, the homeless, the drunks, the crazies, knew what was going on and why… of course hundreds-of-thousands of appreciative people who were not involved in the other side, but who came back time and time again, like some long-running West End show audience… all this was never really appreciated by politics. Those people were only interested in keeping us down, it’s a control thing you know.. their all freaks!
    Too many rules stifles creation and Covent Garden became a hot-bed for creative thinking(and too many rules). In the end the survivalists are still there. They will probably die there!
    Me..? I had to move on, got married, had a kid and play more than ever(see the website). I need a holiday!
    Love to you for stirring something in me again like some distant echo… it’s time to change direction again…
    Kai Jansen

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