Chapatis and global warming

Help Solve the Climate Crisis

(from “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore)

  • Neutralize your remaining emissions
  • Don’t waste paper
  • Carry a refillable beverage bottle
  • Modify your diet to eat less meat
  • Buy things that last
  • Pre-cycle — reduce before you buy
  • Vote with your dollars
  • Support an environmental group
  • Telecommute from home

I have more or less excluded meat from my diet and since these are the hols, I have decided to go on a chapati and dahl diet…

I bought some atta flour and boiled some dahl. It was Japanese curry and rice for josh, matt and jen. But they took a bit of my rotis and were hooked instantly. I had to roll more chapatis. Josh and matt were entertained by some dough. Interestingly, atta flour is pretty darn cheap – $1.40 for a large packet.


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