Seashore days

Everytime I go to the beach, and Changi beach in particular, I reminisce about my childhood days spent wandering around the shoreline and rocky shores turning over rocks and looking into the rock pools. My parents used to bring us there and because they were civil servants, got to book the chalets there.

There was a stay at a Punggol bungalow 20 yrs ago I remember vividly. The bungalow was situated right at the shoreline and at hightide the water would reach the walls of the elevated garden. All you had to do was walk down the stairs and you would be wading ankle deep in clear seawater for a long way off the shoreline. My dad taught me how to cast a net, catch crabs with a trap and my late cousin Anissa and I would wade around in search of Portunus pelagicus (flower crab) under a full moon.

My parents brought my elder sis and I to the beach quite often (Nat wasn’t born yet). One clear, sweltering afternoon, I saw 3 water-spouts dancing on the surface of the water and another afternoon, sailfish cut the surface with their dorsal fins. I got stung by jellyfish once when my dad decided he’d catch and bring one home in a pail… Of course there would be Curry by the Sea, complete with french loaves and hardboiled eggs.

The beach is an inexpensive place to go to but the time spent there is always special.


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