Books on cooks

Rick Stein is one celebrity chef that always is a joy to watch and read.  I just read his Seafood Odyssey.  I have been longing to try his recipes and that book has some that seem simple enough to try out.  Was suppose to cook a 3 course meal for some neighbours but they have to go on a trip so that will be postponed…  I need to experiment on others soon.

Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour was thoroughly entertaining and made me want to go out and order foie gras, but before anyone does that, please spare a thought for the poor ducks.  Check out how Sir Roger Moore (yes, of 007 fame) leads a crusade against eating this “Delicacy of Despair“.  But really, Bourdain makes all foods seem delicious through his writing.

In his book he describes the French Laundry, which was actually a former french steam laundry in the 1920’s but converted to a restaurant in the 70’s.  Thomas Keller then bought it in 1994 and made it into a 3 Michelin star-restaurant.  The cook book is nice to leaf through and he describes cooking and preparation of the food in detail.  In particular, he treats the fish he cooks with the utmost care, even placing them in ice on their belly – the way they swam.  He also describes how one should keep them in ice but making sure the water is allowed to drain as chlorine from the ice water may affect the texture of the fish.  I guess I can just read about the food in his restaurant… check out this “typical check for 2 diners at the French Laundry”.  Can someone please blanjah me.  Here’s the website for the French Laundry


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