there was you… a tribute to Kai, the memory maker

Here’s Kai. I wrote about him in this post “There was you“. I bought 2 of his albums and there was a song there that marked a beautiful memory for me. A few days ago he commented on the post . It was a pleasant one, long, thoughtful, like a nice glass of wine or a sit down by the lake.. That prompted me to take out the harddisk from my old toshiba satellite-pro and whacked the 1 Gig disk into my harddisk casing Otterman provided… soon it was whirring and i firewired it into my mac…. Its strange how I never thought of doing that.. i almost threw the old laptop away.. now I have saved so many photos from my postdoc in Kew. Gosh, Thanks Kai. Here’s a picture of yu that was in my old laptop as well.
Then the next day I had a dream… it was my my dear old friend who’s dissappeared/ run away from my life and many others… So he was there just by the aisle of the cinema and holding on to a baby, he smiles at me and its the same smile when we first met in kindergarten, just at the old hawker centre whilst his grandma was buying soya bean. He sits next to me and before he could say anything… the damn alarm rings… I wake up and cycle to work in the quiet and desolate cold morning.

1215 hrs. I am at Novena and after mass, I buy a pot of Narcissus bulbs for his mum and bring along the Rudraksha rosary beads that I bought for him in Tamil Nadu… I go to his house thinking he or his mum will be there but a maid comes out and says that the house owner is a totally different name…

Kai was right, people change, things change…


3 thoughts on “there was you… a tribute to Kai, the memory maker

  1. Hey, I think this is the same guy my friend took his guitar lessons from. He didn’t teach through jamming sessions in Covent Gardens. Cool guy.

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