Talk at Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II

I remember helping Siva organise BoSS I in 2003.  That was a big scale event at NUS and I was in charge of getting titles of talks and abstracts from keynote speakers.

This year, BoSS II crept up on me with Siva asking me to give a talk, just two weeks away from the symposium itself…  Couldn’t refuse, so said yes.

I have been rather busy lately so this talk was added pressure… and Siva wanted an entertaining talk with jokes but with a central take home message: a learning point…  where to get lah?  I ransacked my slide collection and chose those pictures I thought were worth sharing.  Ended up taking all those shots of Oliver sleeping on field trip.  He was a great field companion and we seriously shared lots of rolling on the floor kind of laughter.  And plus he was easy to bully.

Well, butterflies in my stomach just before the talk..  There was Prof Tommy Koh, followed by Peter Ng.  Then I had to contend with Benito in his field trips to Russia.  Golden tongue Siva was also speaking..  Liao..  Mojo hilang..

I summoned all I had and used my Palm Treo680 to review the slides.  Its super nifty and good for botanists who need to be well prepared.  (Siva was still doing some last minute boogie with keynote).

Well, the talk went better than I had catastrophised it to, so it was with much relief that I ate my sambal petai later on at Taman Serasi.


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