Project Uthavi 2007

Its been exactly a year since the last time we first visited. This time, the refugees at Gummidipoondi were happy that we finally made it there and with the entire team, it was a year-long wait. It was surreal and even until now, I am a little disoriented by the events. We were greeted with such warmth and friendliness.

We tried giving simple english lessons but in the end it was being there that counted the most. The NGO said that our visit would raise the morale of the children and make them feel special. It was hard to believe at first that presence would be such an important aspect to the trip, but it was.

It was an amazing 2 weeks with its ups and downs but 3 days after returning home, my heart still lingers there…

Here are some snapshots


4 thoughts on “Project Uthavi 2007

  1. Hi… Landed on your blog by chance. I’m Nithya from India.Appreciate your work a lot. I’m sure the children would have enjoyed your company. 🙂

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  3. Thanks Nithya. My team were enriched and enjoyed the interaction as well. We were really treated with such warmth by the children and the refugee community.

  4. Hi… landed on this by chance… i`m doing architecture and i am looking into refugee camps for my thesis… am planning to visit gummidipondi camp soon… it would be really helpful if u could gimme details abt this project of urs.. pics or information abt whom to contact (in India) etc.. my id is
    thanks soo much 🙂

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