Warwick Conference Notes

Useful resources for teachers
I – Action Research (practical and personalised)
This is Prof Whitehead’s website.  Its a real useful and rich resource for practitioners (namely school teachers)

I attended a workshop on e-learning tools and thought it would be the usual online tests, blogs, forum etc.  But turns out that the design the guys at londonGT.org used made good sense.  Their main approach is to frame a pedagogical learning method/thinking skill with e-learning tools so that at the heart of the excercise is the pedagogy and e-learning is not about using the computer but about learning skills. Thank God for common sense.  I have been to several e-learning courses but somehow this made sense and I took to it readily.

III – Over Excitabilities
One of the buzzwords that I came across frequently in the sessions over the 5 days.  Don’t know what to make of it as yet but will have to read more… if I have energy and time.  But as always, Philosphy or Psychology of Teaching and learning is always interesting as you also begin to realise more about yourself anyway.  So self-awareness (-interest?) is somehow satisfied, which is admittedly a good kind of feeling.

Check out Kazimierz Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration for more info on OEs.


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