Gray Matter

Was cycling back from school when I met Gray Matter. Here’s the story. It was drizzling still after that storm we had this afternoon. I decided to cycle anyway so after about half an hour I was on the Yio Chu Kang pavement (cos I dont want to get knocked down by the lorries) and I saw what I thought to be another dead kitten on the pavement. But wait a minute, cats don’t sit down when they die, they lie on their side or something.

I stopped and saw that it was drenched and hardly moved. I pinched its scruff and held it up and then heard her mewing. Okay, its a good thing that I had a basket on my bicycle.. not cool but lucky for the kitten. And wait a minute, its going to freeze when I cycle and the wind goes through the net of the basket… but luckily I had my work shirt in my bag (a 7 year old blue Giordano shirt). So i wrapped it up and set it comfortably in the basket.

Well, to cut the long story short, we bathed it with warm water, dried it till its fur fluffed up and fed it warm milk and cat food. Josh is playing with it now and it looks in good shape.


8 thoughts on “Gray Matter

  1. Alrightee, I have been feeding it the kids milk… better go buy Grey Matter some. Its doing fine but need to send it to the vet soon to check up. One of its lower canines is dangling and the gums damaged. But I think it will be alright.

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