The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Nathaniel’s Nutmeg, Pope’s bio

I was hoping for a good book recently and when the book fair at the expo came along I bought 3. I finished the Monk who sold his Ferrari in about 3 days cos it was really easy to read and very interesting, just like the title itself.

What I really like about this book is the emphasis on what really matters in life, e.g., family, relationships with others, what you wish to really do in life. Its got also prudent strategies on how to gain self-mastery like, self-reflection, mindfulness. But what really strikes me was how the Sages of Sivana (hill monks in the book) practiced how to banish negative thoughts from their mind so that they could focus.

It was captivating for the 1st half of the book and then it became too familiar for me. But I guess it still is useful as a meaningful guide to try to better oneself.  Read more about the author and his company here –> 

I hope Nathaniel’s Nutmeg and the Pope’s bio will read even better, especially the latter.


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