A scent-laden mindfulness walk

Its been 6 months since Jen and I took our long walks in the forest. This I call my mindfulness walks and she calls it trail walking.

It was 5.15 pm when we set off from the start of the trail and by 7 pm it got a bit dark. As we were walking along the boardwalk I began to smell the scents of the forest. I remember reading that moth-pollinated flowers tended to maximise their output of floral scents in the evening. Read more about floral scents here at the full content paper in the journal Plant Physiology


By this time of the walk we were into the 8th kilometre of the walk and so endorphins were kicking in and no doubt we were feeling good. The nice scenery helped

Here’s the lake of reflection. If you read The Monk who sold his Ferrari, there would be mention of a lake where the monks spent the first part of their day, which is early in the morning meditating infront of a still and reflective lake, visualising their goals.


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