Zendogs ride again

Its been a while since I joined the Zendogs for a ride. The Zendogs was conceived circa 2000. So this time it was the park connectors (PCNs) we were checking out. From Sengkang, I took the Serangoon river PCN to reach Tampines Road and that was a beautiful road to ride on at 7am in the morning. Somehow, it felt like old Singapore kampung and the sense of history could be felt.

The view from Old Tampines Road in the morning as the sun rose

Met the rest of the Zendogs at Loyang and headed to Changi Village and had thosai there.

The second leg of the cycling trip was the Changi Coastal road PCN and that was nice and we could ride 3 abreast and have a nice conversation and easy cycle. The nasi ayam, gado-gado, soto ayam beckoned so we had another meal (plus some length conversations – hence the name Zendogs cos we tend to forget we still have 40 km to go and start to relak-jack). Most guilt-free eating cos of the mileage covered.

One of the most pleasant cycling trips I have had so far.

These are the dogs – damn happy ones from the looks of it. Check them out sitting in pits they dug out for themselves in the sand… they ARE the true Zendogs.

And these are some Zendogs (2 on the left and one uncle on the right… he’s enjoying the PCN too)
This is a Zendog contemplating the ocean on a Park Connector

More about the ride here at Otterman’s post on the ride


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