Today’s long run - Map your Runs, Running Routes. Calculate Calories, Distance, and More.

Distance: 20.9 km
Time: 3hrs (with a 10min stop)
In zone 4: 2hrs
Average heart rate: 145
Peak heart rate: 165
Total calories burnt: 2771
Recovery: 17 heartbeats per min in 2 mins

The running loop isn’t complete cos by the 18 km mark my right knee hurt again so by 20 k, I decided to stop. I got a feeling some thigh muscle or tendon is pulling on some part of the knee and causing the pain. At least it takes a longer distance before the pain comes. I am really hoping to see if I can go 30k at least.

This week I have been cycling everyday (except Fri) for about 25 km per day to ease the pressure on the knee.

Next week will have to do some weight training to build those thigh muscles to support the knee.

A pleasant run, listened to Ivan’s revision of the song Genetic (re)Mix. It was nice music to run to.

Had two Gu gels, 3 sports isotonic, 1 red bull and 1 dolphin drink.

Did some internet search and I got a good feeling that I have iliotibial band syndrome…. well not a nice thing to have for a runner but at least I know what I am up against. Just did a few stretches aimed at relaxing the tendon and the pain in the knee eased up… I think its genetics… my dad last week was telling me how his knee problems had more to do with his butt and side of his thigh which he said he treated by massaging his thigh instead of his knee… my goodness, he was spot-on. And we were just laughing at him when he said that.

Check this link out with nice illustrations. Iliotibial Band Syndrome: A Common Source of Knee Pain


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