Athletes in mind and body

Congrats Team Singapore! Didn’t realise that they were coming back. I also missed the tv coverage of the Paralympic Events. There’s been some debate about the prize money . Kudos to Ms Eunice Olsen – you’ve been a real voice. But in the end, is it about the prize money? How these paralympians must have been so proud of themselves. They must have surpassed so many barriers mentally and physically to have come so far. This post is dedicated to celebrating their victory and thanking them for being such heroes and such beacons of hope and inspiration!

“Lets give our sporting heroes a rousing welcome home!
Our Team Singapore athletes have done us proud!

Lets give them a rousing welcome at the airport when they return home on the 18th September!

Date: 18 September 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 10pm (Subject to changes depending on their flight schedule)
Flight: SQ 805
Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 3, Arrival Hall

We will be holding an event at Orchard Cineleisure as well in celebration of our athletes’ achievements.
Come up close and celebrate with our athletes on 20 Sept 08!

Date: 20 Sep 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 3-5pm
Venue: Orchard Cineleisure, Outdoor Atrium

Come dressed in red for both events!”

Taken from


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