Realrun – 15k at Changi

This morning was the 2008 New Balance Realrun. Went with my running kaki, Darryl. If I can remember correctly, the run started off into reclaimed land, onto tarmac, along Changi coastal road, along the beach and then back to the tarmac to the finish line, 15 km in total. It was a really hot day so the shades and the cap helped tremendously. But the run was more about beating the heat.

A well organised event with enough drink stops. One gripe was then fact that along the Changi coastal road, they allowed cyclists (who didn’t pay to enter the competition) onto the road who happily did their relays at break neck speed almost colliding with runners at some point. Not that I have anything against them but they should have kept them out.

A happy thing for me was the fact that the new stability shoe (NB 786) helped my overpronation and relieved the problems i had with the Iliotibial Band. So even after 15k my knees were feeling a okay. The shoe was bought with a 30% discount from the event. Woots.

Time 1hr 40 mins 36 secs.


4 thoughts on “Realrun – 15k at Changi

  1. Woah, you’ve suddenly appeared Ivan and posted on the music site. I thought you dissappeared for a moment there. Welcome back! No they didn’t sell them on the spot. Once you signed up for the run weeks before, you can get a 30% discount using the receipt from the New Balance stores. The shoe really matters.

  2. lol i dint see you
    i was a minute behind!
    hmm have you recieved the results by snail mail already? it has been three weeks haha

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