Charity Fun day meet-up

Today a couple of us met up to bring stuff to my place for the next Assisi Hospice Charity Fun day 2009. Its also a good excuse to get together. So Mei Fun, Thomas and Jen Kee were the first to come over. Cynth came over with the largest haul and requested manpower to bring stuff up.. I almost broke into cold sweat when I saw a lorry with large boxes and two workers ready to get going. Luckily that wasn’t her load (with Cynthia though, it would have been possible) ; behind the lorry was her suv with the bags full of good stuff to be sold for the Charity Fun day.

Otterman was at home waiting for a replacement M1 card which never came today so we thought we plug him in on the action through skype video….

skype_bryani.png on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

sometime later… the dude is here (pic shows satiation by bryani)


I guess you can’t video-conference a packet of bryani.

The objective of the meeting was met; the first batch of goods to be sold at the fun day has been collected


– see the foilowing post for what the charity fun day is about –

Its good to do something meaningful with kakis.

If you want to contribute to our pile let me know.


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