Moments from the Bike Rally



This was a nice part of the ride along Lim Chu Kang Road. A bit surreal riding on an open road with open fields around. Fantastic.


Aaron trying to resuscitate his tyre with the handpump, which we then christened the pump virus, it deflates the tyres with unapprenticed use and when others see you having a pump in hand they will ask for it and deflate their own tyres as well.


A nice clear and sunny day… that began to cloud and darken.



Lady bug leading


Waiting out the downpour at Serangoon stadium. We finally decided to cycle to East Coast Park after the rain subsided a little.

The most sucky part was when the bike rack with KX’s and Ladybugs bike fell off the road, luckily the cars were far off behind and stopped in time for us to retrieve the bikes and gingerly drive off to HV…


Favourite moment – MacDonald’s breakfast at West Coast – we told the marshalls we needed to go for a toilet break… half an hour later we came out and the marshall (NTU undergrad) remarked jokingly “Wah toilet break so long one ah?!”

Hat tips –
I was tweeting updates and apparently Jen was following Otterman’s tweets in facebook to get updated on our progress.

My loving wife stayed home with the 3 monsters to let me cycle round Singapore.

NTU organising body was really on top of their jobs ferrying bikes and participants who were stranded in the rain. They road marshalls were in good spirits despite being in the hot sun and then being pelted with heavy rain. There were enough snacks and drinks to keep everyone well nourished. Only gripe were the beating of traffic lights by some undergrads.


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