Bruguiera gymnorhiza

I am pretty awestruck by this mangrove tree. The contrast of the red calyx against the green of its leaves makes it photogenic. Thanks to the boardwalk at Sg Buloh, one can hold it in your hand and take a picture.

These are unopened.


These are opened


And this is the general habit of the tree. Habit meaning the form – whether its a tree, climber, shrub etc.


It looks festive.

I wonder what pollinates the flowers? Its definitely attractive. Didn’t smell it though. I wonder when it flowers in the year. Lots of questions…

More about this plant, the tumu, here


3 thoughts on “Bruguiera gymnorhiza

  1. been following your site for a while now, since i chanced upon it. im sure you remember me, from NIE/Bio – and im not one of the 6 guys in our course. i dont use my real name on screen.. so, i wonder if you can figure out who i am. 🙂 keep updating.

    still an inspiration, Dr Loo!

    • Yes Vanitha, who can forget the most energetic and enthu person in the class! Great blog you have, very well written and credible. Keep it up. Hope to see you around some day in the circle of teaching.

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