Mac meetup with Teutoburg and Otterman

Today I met up with some kakis at HV when they were having their Mac meet-up. Throughout the meeting, I found myself reminiscing of the day I decided to follow my heart… Afterall, the Starbucks we were at was just beside the Swensens that Otterman, Teutorburg and I dug into the ice-cream almost 6 years ago to celebrate the liberation.

Sweet… and though I have missed botany in a most heartaching way, today’s completion of a mangrove phenology project by 2 amazing students just makes me realise what someone said to me – that I didn’t leave research but a lousy environment.

Bon voyage Teutoburg!


3 thoughts on “Mac meetup with Teutoburg and Otterman

  1. Heh, both posts seem so cryptic. But understandably so. I think I glimpsed a little of that “earthquake” based on what you’ve told me. It’s clear to me as long as one makes a decision wholeheartedly and without self-doubt, then it tends to be a right one.

  2. Wei…you oso met me at the mac meetup wor. I never regretted the time I spent at the lab too. It was a real dynamic place to be with many things to learn. Too bad about the environment, but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I believe you are 🙂

    Next time call me for ice-cream!

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