Celebrating the mangroves

I use this video very often to tell stories to new students. Somehow it also gives me credibility! I guess like the moon, I shine with borrowed light from the likes of Attenborough and our resident mangrove denizen – Otterman. The whole picture of our local mangrove Otterman pulling the legend is cause for quite and deep celebration.

I remember during the busiest part of my school teaching term, Siva asks me to be a chauffeur for some visiting scientist who wanted to visit mangroves. I said yes before even getting any details and didnt think much of it… Must be another day out with european zoologists that needed some samples and then a good prata somewhere.

The next day I drove and parked at the rendevous, Orchid Hotel Lobby where the BBC team was. I walked out of my car and towards to lobby only to see a vision of Sir David Attenborough appearing next to the concierge with a beaming Otterman in usual bermudas and torn polo t-shirt to receive him.

The only other time I was close to Attenborough was when I was hiking through Richmond in London after a lab session at Kew and someone told me he lived around there.

Here’s Otterman’s version of the mangrove episode.


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