1st of some long routes

run 3 Jan 2011

11.43 km
2 hours

Running with the vibrams. So far I am getting quite used to the five-fingers and enjoying the change in my style of running. No sign of knee pain or ITB. Only main problem is pain at the ball of my right feet. Not as bad as the first time I used it but I wished it wasn’t there. Considering getting a pair of Newtons to follow through with the mid-sole strike running and ease that ball-of-foot impact. Weather was fine so didn’t have to bring along water. Not bad for an 11K run considering I am a compulsive sipper of water when I run. Halfway though the run, I was in pure bliss listening to the ipod.

I am thinking of doing 10, 15 and 20 km per week. I am quite confident the mid-sole strike I am learning with the vibrams will allow me the mileage without getting the ITB pain like I did the last time when I pushed for longer runs. Those were 20km runs usually on Saturday mornings.

All this in prep for the Sundown marathon this year. I guess I will have to do some core-strengthening work and lose about 5 kg and hit my ideal of 73 – 75 kg. (I put on the 3 unprecious kilos I lost slowly for the long stretch of the first half of last year.) I am not packing in the dualthlons or mini-triathlons this year – too much “sombong” in such events. Running events are more pure and this time, I have got my formidable running kaki, Darryl.