Did I run back in time…?

The morning runs to Changi are the best runs I have had. Today was my second such run, 22.47 km to eat prata and sambal with Siva and Kenneth

At the 5th km mark, I was on the roll, feeling good and finally tearing off the shackles of a two-week long flu (and the term break has just begun), I eyed these two figures at a distance. Gee the poor foreign workers have to work on sundays and start at 530 am? As I paced along and got closer, I realised that one of them, wearing a conical straw hat (or coolie hat), was holding on to a chicken by the neck and presenting it to the other, a woman in a dated cheong sam… Did I run back in time….?

run back in time.jpg

Tune in next time, as I run into the future…

breakfast run 2.jpg

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