A rattan species new to Singapore

Revised and updated using the comments from Otterman

Plectocomiopsis geminiflora – this is a palm that somehow didn’t get listed in our Flora. It’s really close to some of the species we have in Singapore especially the genera Plectocomia and Myrialepis, resembling the latter quite closely (maybe that’s why it got overlooked) yet distinct in some features like the disintegrating papery leaf sheath and the bristles on the midnerve which I use to pick out the rattan with in the forest. With the search image etched in mind, I am beginning to see more of this rattan around. See here for the article titled Plectocomiopsis geminiflora (Griff.) Becc. (Arecaceae) — a new record for Singapore.” or download the pdf of the paper with the integrated corrigendum. (Thanks Siva).


Also, see this post by Joseph Lai on the curious looking fruits of Myrialepis – “Myrialepis paradoxa: Paradoxically Yours


3 thoughts on “A rattan species new to Singapore

  1. You mean this link for the paper? And it’s Plectocomiopsis geminiflora right? Good that you’re alerting us to the new records you’re establishing. I can’t understand why they don’t correct the surname in the paper and add a note about the corrigendum.

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