It’s about those moments we are mindful of – such a moment on Penang Hill



This moment at Penang Hill melts me.  I remember my parents bringing me and my elder sister up Penang Hill when I was very young – however with a few recollections that are etched in memory somehow.  I remember the tram ride up mostly and also feeding peanuts to the Macaques in Penang Botanic Gardens and the pit viper temple.  And here at this moment are 2 of my own kids looking at the scenery from the top of the hill.   It makes me think of my parents and at the same time my kids in future… strange feeling.  I wonder what Josh and Matt will remember of this moment in future when they decide to visit this place one day again.  Oh well, perhaps they will read this post on this blog (which was partly written for them to reminisce in future) and see how a father looked at them shooting the breeze and reminisced about his childhood and pondered about the future (macam the 2 headed gryphon).


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