Park Connector Ride – Bishan to Kallang waterside park

The road beckoned and I was eager to try out the new foldie to see how it would do on a long ride on Sunday. The Bishan-Kallang Park Connector Network (PCN) is a long stretch from Bishan and you can technically ride till Ford Road and hit the East Coast Park but there are the obstacles in the form of bridges; the road crossings are easy compared to having to carry your bike up an overhead bridge. Having said that some of the bridges have a narrow corridor for pushing you bikes beside the steps.

In a nutshell, after cycling to Kallang Riverside park and back; I had a most peaceful experience and importantly safe one, free from danger posed by traffic.


Starting from Bishan Park


The overhead bridge over Braddell Road.  Note the narrow “corridors” or slopes on either side of the steps that make it easier to push bikes up.  But even then, its going to be tough for smaller kids to push their bikes or wheelchairs to cross the road.  See this post on “Biking experiences” for some comments on the bike unfriendly bridges on this park connector – the blog is so interesting as he lugs his entire family with 3 small children on PCN rides!  His kids must be strong and healthy!


Photo 11 12 11 9 29 48 AM

The view that greets the eye is most pleasant and this part of the connector gives you a nice ride till St Andrew’s Village


Photo 11 12 11 9 34 20 AM

Those are the Potong Pasir HUDC flats.  The river here has a most peaceful look about it.

Photo 11 12 11 9 34 53 AM

This is the crossing for Potong Pasir Ave 1 – relatively quiet.  Usually people cross look like they’ve gone to the market on weekends.  The ride from this crossing will bring you along side the St Andrew’s village and the crossing there will be a little tough as the bridge is bike unfriendly.  (I am not sure about the road crossing although that seems like a distance away).

Photo 11 12 11 9 38 21 AM

Here are the instructions to cross the Jalan Toa Payoh and PIE.



Here is the map of the crossing from the NParks website.

Photo 11 12 11 9 41 13 AM

The bridge is bike unfriendly but for someone keen to burn calories; it makes for a good workout.

Photo 11 12 11 9 45 25 AM

Calories are always lurking around the corner and there is an instant reward for that crossing –  a PRATA SHOP there at Moonstone Lane-Opal Crescent junction.  Excellent excuse to have a prata and kopi break.


Photo 11 12 11 9 46 28 AM

Another crossing to make but this time is a low bridge across the river


Photo 11 12 11 9 46 58 AM

This is a place to stop and take in the river flow.  Whie this PCN ride has lots of crossings, there are some over the rivers that make it quite a scenic ride.


Photo 11 12 11 9 47 44 AM

Is this a longkang (drain) or a bike groove?  I used it to guide my bike up and down the bridge.

Photo 11 12 11 9 50 06 AM

This sign is quite the 60s and I can hear P. Ramlee in the air if I close my eyes.  By this building there is one road crossing to make and then an overhead bridge before passing Kolam Ayer.


Photo 11 12 11 9 51 56 AM

This bridge has only one slope beside the steps for pushing your bike up.

Photo 11 12 11 9 54 50 AM


Photo 11 12 11 9 55 55 AM

Photo 11 12 11 10 00 24 AM

At the end of the Kolam Ayer stretch is a road crossing and then a very unlikely narrow passageway to continue the PCN.

Photo 11 12 11 10 01 25 AM


Photo 11 12 11 10 02 26 AM



Photo 11 12 11 10 06 53 AM

This is Boon Keng Road.

Photo 11 12 11 10 07 46 AM

Photo 11 12 11 10 09 15 AM

Kallang MRT.  Somehow this landmark is where I always turn back.  Its like reaching the top of Bukit Timah Hill.  This time however I continue.

National Aerated Water Co Pte Ltd 1

To cross Kallang Road, you have to ride down to the traffic light at the junction of Kallang Road and Lorong 1 Geylang.  This is where you will get to the Kallang Riverside Park but the park is split into two by the Sungei Kallang.   I moved southwards using the eastern park and then explored then rode back the western park.   I found the latter to be nicer.  Its a bit quiet there so no really advisable to ride when its dark.

National Aerated Water Co Pte Ltd

The eastern River Side park is a bit of a bummer as it ends abruptly thanks to a few restricted areas. But there is the Nicoll Highway to use to cross over the the other side.  I used that to turn around. Would have loved to explore how to reach the East Coast Park but it was time to turn back.

Photo 11 12 11 10 26 11 AM


Photo 11 12 11 10 33 01 AM

Licuala peltata – a very huge licuala.

Photo 11 12 11 10 35 45 AM

Fig trees seem to be immune to development in Singapore

Photo 11 12 11 10 34 29 AM

What’s left in a clearing are fig trees.

Photo 11 12 11 10 34 55 AM

The Tern Link P9 – such a smooth ride.

Photo 11 12 11 11 24 14 AM

Prata for the hungry people back home who probably were still sleeping at 11 am.


Some useful websites for the Bishan-Kallang Connector



16 thoughts on “Park Connector Ride – Bishan to Kallang waterside park

  1. Thanks for referring our biking experiences in your post. Caught by surprise that anyone is interested in our post.

    Our kids are not strong as you have vision it to be. Children are easily inspired by things that they like. We simply tell them they will be expecting swimming pool, playground, beach and so on at the end of the journey. But the children do not the length of distance. Hence, they simply cycle and cycle till they reach the destination. That is the trick.

    Of course, we will be expecting obstacles along the way, such as children complaining that they are tired and wish to sleep. We normally will set aside an hour of sleep for our youngest son. Sweet and titbit are alternate source to keep them awake and interested along the journey.

    With school reopens, it may prove to be a challenge for us to get on such trips. Nevertheless, I will try to find time to get all of them to cycle again.

    • Thanks for the tips. I have 3 kids and hope to explore the park connector with them as well. Sweets and tidbits! Good idea! Blog more and share your adventures.

  2. Hi there, Hope you can help promote the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Family & Friends Charity Ride 2012. It takes place in the Park Connectors in the North East. NParks is launching a new segment and the TTSH Community Charity Fund is partnering them to raise funds for our needy patients. Its $30 per cyclist in a group of 4 and above and it comes with a goodie bag and an event T-shirt worth $50. We are looking for 672 cyclists in all so all the help we can get will be greatly appreciated.

    Info can be checked out at

    I can be contacted @ 63572494 or 97628998.

    Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers!

  3. and yes… forgot to mention that the event is on Saturday 25 February 2012 beginning at the Mushroom Cafe in Sengkang Riverside Park and end near the Buangkok Bridge. There will also be a carnival there.



  4. nice blog ! and will try this trial soon. I always enjoy the good memories when my 2 daughters were in their primary. Uncountable bike rides which were a default family event.

    now they becoming teens and cycle no more … just me and my wife. so enjoy this great moments with them (and yes, sweets and tidbits is the trick, and ice-cream)

    btw, nice Tern P9, saw it at LifeCycle. Got my wife the Aeon and I am on Giant XtC

    • Yes the Tern P9 is quite a nice ride. Very different experience from the roadie I had. With the foldie like the P9, can go fast and also leisurely with my kids in the park or PCN. I am still trying to convince my wife to ride with me. These days the PCN give more options to leisure cycling and safe enough for a longer and exploratory ride with my kids.

  5. Very good description on this PCN. I learn a lot from you. Amazed how N Park can even call this a PCN with the number of obstacles and bridges.

  6. Hi, i was looking for some write up on this PCN and found yours…thank you for the information…may i ask how long did it take you to reach Boon Keng Road Kallang MRT?

  7. Hi there. I am a student, currently sec 3 and i am wondering if you would allow me to use your 14th picture for a school project of mine. Would really appreciate it if you would agree to my request. Thank you 🙂

    • Please go ahead and remember to attribute the picture to the owner as it is a good practice to adopt. Good luck with your school project . Curious to know what it is about if you can describe it generally. Cheers!

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