The first long run of 2012

This was the first long run I did for the year on Friday 3rd Feb.  It comes up to about 25 km.  I ran with a colleague who did the 100km Sundown.  Of course I was out of my league but the pace was comfortable for me and we chatted for 3 plus hours non-stop as we ran.  The pitstop and turnaround was Macdonalds at the East Coast Parkway.  Iced latte, Gatorade and Cinnamon melts never tasted so good.

There were a few things I discovered and one of it was that I could use my old non-support Adi-zero which has a very thin sole.  It must be my adapting to bare-foot running.  JOY!  And no ITB problems but just tightness in the knees.  What was great was I was able to do a 15km 3 days later with no problems.

Running route 25 27km | RunKeeper

Why the long run?  Its getting into the zone and what a joy it is to hit 15 km and feel good.  Thanks to the barefoot running style I am confident I won’t bust my knees just yet.

After the run, I was really happy to be able to do a long run so comfortably so I downloaded a book into my kindlefire


Excellent stuff and the story about Matt Long really moved me.


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