Books about Gandhi

I wrote to a former student of mine who is on the way to India and wanted books on Gandhi.  Off the cuff, I thought of these books that I have read.  Including one on Tagore.  The great bapuji and the sentinel were inextricably linked in India’s fight for independence.

1. His autobiography – this is free on the internet.

2. A very comprehensive story about Gandhi and his political and spiritual life.

3. The salt march was one of the most important event he organized that really got the colonialists shaking. England had a tax on salt and no one in India could make salt. So Gandhi organized a long walk to Dandi and took a handful of salt in his hand in his civil disobedience towards the British Empire

4. Once you start reading about Gandhi, you might also want to read Rabindranath Tagore. He was Asia’s first nobel laureate

Finally, I think you might want to buy these books when you are in India. Books in India are damn cheap… sometimes paper quality might be bad but you will find the bookshops have a better range that in Singapore.


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