The Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day 2013

The Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day, 16 June 2013


“We would like to appeal for your support for Assisi Hospice’s Charity
Fun Day, which is one of our major fundraising events. Through this
event, we hope to raise at least $900,000.

The details of the Charity Fun Day are as follows:

Date : Sunday, 16th June 2013
Venue : St Joseph’s Institution International, 490 Thomson Road
Time : 10am – 4.30pm

Since 1969, Assisi Hospice has been dedicated to the provision of care
for the critically ill, the dying and the poor. Through our Inpatient,
Home and Day Care services, we seek to enable our patients to live
their final days with dignity, with their pain and suffering managed,
knowing that they are loved and cared for despite their illness.

Over the years, the needs of our patients have become progressively
more complex and their age groups are getting younger, with more adult
patients aged 20 – 40 years old. Not only do we provide medical and
nursing services, we also look into psychosocial, emotional and
bereavement support for our patients and their families.

Our patient fees, which are heavily subsidised, cover about 12% of our
needs, while government subvention contributes about 27%. As a
Catholic mission hospice that provides its services to people
regardless of their faith, age, race and financial position, we rely
heavily on public donations to fund at least 60% of the resources
required for this mission. As such, to fund our operating expense of
$8 million, we need to raise $5 million in total.

In 2011, we provided subsidised care for more than 1,000 patients from
all walks of life….”


As I made my way for the Assisi Hospice Fun Day Stall holder’s briefing, I am mindful of this corridor and the rooms around it. It is quiet now but it must be different when the volunteers, nurses and doctors are serving the patients. I peek into the rooms as I walk in and later when I walk out, I glance into the eyes of an old lady wrought with pain. In a second, it emotes pain and suffering that is beyond my comprehension.


Each year we raise about $2-3K and because the Charity Fun Day sees quite few stalls earning about there or more from some very industrious volunteers, it is an important day which raises even more when there is a collective force.

So if you have preloved 2nd hand goods that are still good but you feel “sayang” to throw away, let us know or better still help us at the stall, let us know here:


If you are free, do come down to the Fun Day itself, there are really good bargains and lots of food from good hotel restaurants.

See what its all about here in a post about last year’s fun day!



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