Sandy beaches of Bintan and our sensory connect with nature.

Better blog some stuff down for the kids to remember us by before Facebook steals away my considered thoughts and reflections through inane sharing and likes.  Some of the best moments we have are on holiday by the beach.  This is in Bintan.  It’s difficult to find sand dollars on reclaimed beaches but the original pristine beaches in Bintan’s full of these skeletal remains.  Very pretty.

IMG 2141

Somehow the gentle waves in the cove beckon and it seems to occupy the kids very well.  It must be the sensation of the lapping waves their seeming playfulness that invites a child to play.

IMG 2169

IMG 2166

 Matt is always reflective at the beach.  So much better doing this than playing with gadgets.  I think we have a sensory connect with nature.  It is an involved process this.  No wonder we love to go on field trips.

IMG 2174


IMG 2213

IMG 2203

This is a green crested lizard, very inquisitive but shot away paddling at the sand when we got too close.

IMG 2179

This is another sensation that Josh likes, the tickling of the hermit crabs.  I am glad he has this experience.  Some of my JC students have never seen a hermit crab. 


IMG 2271

Josh is a relatively good swimmer so this time, we go kayaking.  We paddled far from the shore and around a promontory.  We witness fish skimming and jumping out of the waters closeby and discovered a fish in the kayak later.  I think this sort of things should be done on a regular basis.  


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