Oak trees in Macritchie

This is an oak tree in Macritchie.  We have about 18 species in 3 genera (Lithocarpus, Castanopsis and Quercus) and these trees are typified by their fruit which are acorns and chestnuts.  So the “kao luck” that we eat also comes from the genus Castanea in the same family – Fagaceae.    This one grows by the edge of the forest and is sitting precariously on a clayey mound of soil.  


Tony ODempsey spotted this as we were giving a guided walk to students keen to understand more about Macritchie.  If you look at the crown, it is covered with many spikes of flowers. 


The acorns from the last fruiting.  See more acorns from Singapore at Flora Singapura 


From the bark characteristics, the tree gives us a clue that it is a Lithocarpus species and from the size and shape of the acorn, this may be Lithocarpus bennetii with about 75% confidence.  A check at the herbarium at the Singapore Botanic Gardens will give us a more certain identity.

If you are interested in a free guided walk through Macritchie’s forests look up the Lovemacritchie walks page.

notes:  This page has been revised thanks to comments I have received.  It is hopefully more precise now.


2 thoughts on “Oak trees in Macritchie

    • Yes chestnuts we eat come from The genus Castanea. I should refer to the family Fagaceae as to how chestnuts are related to the 3 genera found in Singapore. Thanks for your comments!

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