Terminalia subspathulata

It’s easy to see why this is a heritage tree.  It’s been here as a tree since 150 years ago – which must make this tree older than that by quite many years.  Such big trees evoke awe and some kind of wonder.  To imagine scenes that have changed around its existence is evocative.  It is one of the tallest trees in the gardens.

Terminalia subspathulata, Combretaceae

Josh and Matt in the foreground and tiny people on the left of the tree for scale.  This tree just makes you stop and stare – if you don’t, then perhaps you’ve missed having a moment of awesome sauce.

Terminalia subspathulata

A vertical panorama didn’t really do it justice but it did highlight its tall buttresses.  How does a tree get that tall, all 47 metres of it?  Imagine a forest full of trees these tall.


Terminalia subspathulata, Combretaceae

The crown is spectacular and the photo doesn’t do its massiveness and scale any justice.

Terminalia subspathulata

Here is a picture of the fruits, one-seeded, woody and 2-winged from the same tree which I took in 2005.






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