Riding the Bishan-Kallang PCN to Gardens by the Bay

Today I cycled the Bishan-Kallang PCN from Bishan to Gardens by the Bay.  It took me about 50 mins to reach the destination.  Not too bad considering how its all the way in Marina South.  The pictures say it all and since I am going to work, I need to think about the alternative routes there.  Its either I cycle and enjoy the quiet park connectors (there was no need to go on the road at all).

Bishan-Kallang PCN

Or hère below are the alternatives.

Crowd in MRT stationBishan-Kallang PCN


After the entire recce trip, I wondered why I haven’t been cycling more.  I really felt great and could feel how happy my circulatory system was.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

I was pleasantly surprised that I was on the PCN most of the time.  For some stretches, due to repairs, I had to go on the pavement for just a bit.  The nicest stretch of the PCN was by Kallang River.  There were a few turns to note but the home stretch to GB was sweet.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

Bishan-Kallang PCN

Bishan-Kallang PCN

One can navigate using the Singapore Flyer.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

Kallang Riverside Park is really quite peaceful.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

I will get to see the new stadium being finished.

Bishan-Kallang PCN


The stretch from here on is nice.  It skirts the F1 track and the Flyer and leads to the DNA bridge.

Bishan-Kallang PCN


The DNA bridge – lovely…

Bishan-Kallang PCN

And finally to the eyes of the dragonfly that is the Flower dome.  Very picturesque welcome.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

As a treat, I bought 30 sticks of satay and put it in my bike bag that is attached to the front.  The satay peeps were curious and enjoyed looking at my Tern P18.  I forgot how nice the bike looks.  I told them the bag was waterproof and ideal for transporting satay.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

The ride home seemed faster as I was familiar with the route… I think I could easily do this route in 45 mins.  The distance I travelled today was about 27km.

Bishan-Kallang PCN


There are 4 bridges to cross.  Two of them have narrow slopes for the bike to roll so no need to carry.

 In reference to the overall map, 

The place mark 1 is a bridge across Braddell Rd and has  narrow slopes at the sides so you can roll your bike up. 

2 is a monster bridge across Jln Toa Payoh, PIE, Woodsville Flyover and PIE slip road into the CTE!

3 is the bridge across Serangoon Rd.

4 is the bridge over Bendemeer Rd – it has a slope on one side for bikes to roll.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

The monster bridge is this one near St Andrew’s.

Bishan-Kallang PCN

Satay in the bag!

Bishan-Kallang PCN





16 thoughts on “Riding the Bishan-Kallang PCN to Gardens by the Bay

  1. Hi I came across your blog and I found it really interesting! Been wanting to try out cycling through the park connectors too, did you have to cycle on the main road at any point?

  2. Thanks for the details maps and directions. I wish I had come across this blog before I attempted it. I went from Stadium and there were so many overpasses, detours that lifting my MTB was exhausting so many times. I got as far as PIE flyover and got thoroughly lost so turned around. Will attempt another day. BTW, I cycle from my place at Bayshore upper east coast Park area all the way to Holland Village with barely any on road cycling. East Coast Park all the way then brief detour across the Barage, the along the Singapore river and then a long ans very quiet PCN to Queenstown, then through some HDB estates and I was Holland V. An awesome ride.

  3. Hi Gordie, thanks for your comment. I should really also update this ride. I think there has been an improvement overall with the bridge near Crawford Street now repaired. I also see from East Coast Parkway that the PCN connection to Bay East is now laid down (but not opened) so it will be a matter of time before you have an even smoother ride. Always a pleasure to ride the PCN away from any traffic.

    • Thank you for sharing. Really inspiring and informative. I followed your route, and ride all the way from AMK Ave 3 to Kallang Avenue.

      A few findings:
      1. From Bishan road to Bradell Road, one part of the PCN is under re-development; So I have to detour to Bishan St 13/11.
      2. From Bishan St 11 along Bradell Road to the overhead bridge at BCA Academy, some construction is going on, so be careful. Alternative route is to cut through HDB Block 156/157 at Bishan St 11, and go via a small bridge across Kallang River to car-park of BCA Academy, and then go to the overhead bridge at BCA Academy entrance.

      I was riding the shared bike (o-bike etc).

      For those who hate pushing bike up and down the bridge, you can ride and give up the shared bike, then walk the bridge (without the bike), and get another bike at the other side of the bridge. For example, I see a lot of o-bikes at the Topaz Rd -side of the PIE bridge. So if you ride from AMK to City, you may want to transit to a new bike at this PIE bridge.

  4. thanks for your direction. I follow it and ride from AMK Ave 2 (beginning of Bishan Park) to Raffles Place and was an excellent ride. by the way, if you ride past the St Andrew overhead bridge and cross via traffic light under PIE and past MOM, you can skip the 3 overhead bridge.

  5. Great post. You’ve included some very helpful content here. As of now, can I go to East Coast Park directly from Gardens by the Bay? Has that part been completed now?

    • Vicky, yes you can. Ride to the Marina Barrage and cycle across its barrier, then turn left then right under the Nicoll Highway overpass and bridge. From here it is a delightful cycle all the way to Changi. Tip: Avoid Saturdays and Sundays on East Coast Park as its crazy with rental cyclists wobbling in both lanes and families strolling in the middle of the bike path. 🙂

  6. Hi thank you for the informative post! I would like to know if there are any bicycle rental kioks nearby the kallang area.

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