INO@the library@esplanade

That’s short form for Indian Orchestra. I had the privilege of overseeing this group of students build up an orchestra from scratch. They had good leaders in their peers and saw through the entire project from the start with a commitment that was commendable by any standards.

But this post is also about their performance of the songs that was Ramayana-themed and performed at the library@esplanade. It was a sort of community outreach and part of their “tour”. They had already done one at the SGH to bring some musical ambience to the hospital. This opportunity at the library was important as parents and friends and strangers from the public would attend, so naturally the kids were nervous and practiced hard. But what an opportunity. Having the chance to perform live without paying for the venue really saved us the hassle of logistical arrangements. When we got there the mikes, speakers, powerpoint glass screen were all prepared.

As expected the well-practiced team performed well and at the end there was a hands-on session where the audience could get a 5 min lesson on the veena, sitar or tabla for example. See this site for descriptions of Indian musical instruments. They had even drawn images from the Ramayan themselves to put into a powerpoint to let the story play out with the music.

The area at the library was comfortable and I must say that the opportunity for youth to showcase their talents in such conducive yet challenging environments with the presence of audience is a good one and should be made readily available. I can imagine that any youth would have a healthy self-concept if they could express themselves in art, musical/dance performances.

I was recounting this to Ivan, the Rambling Librarian, after the RICE conference as we were discussing the role of Libraries in education of youth. He suggested that I should express this as feedback to NLB. Well, there it is now.