Friday night long run

Another long run (16.82 km) this friday and this time at a faster pace.  Wain and I tried the Orchard road loop cos the park connector route on a late friday night can be too quiet and monotonous, sleep inducing when doing a long run.  Not that I have anything against the peacefulness of the PCN but its tough doing a long run on a friday night after a week at work and already quite a feat to fight the urge to sleep and run instead.


Running long is such a great feeling


Running Activity 16 82 km | RunKeeper


The first long run of 2012

This was the first long run I did for the year on Friday 3rd Feb.  It comes up to about 25 km.  I ran with a colleague who did the 100km Sundown.  Of course I was out of my league but the pace was comfortable for me and we chatted for 3 plus hours non-stop as we ran.  The pitstop and turnaround was Macdonalds at the East Coast Parkway.  Iced latte, Gatorade and Cinnamon melts never tasted so good.

There were a few things I discovered and one of it was that I could use my old non-support Adi-zero which has a very thin sole.  It must be my adapting to bare-foot running.  JOY!  And no ITB problems but just tightness in the knees.  What was great was I was able to do a 15km 3 days later with no problems.

Running route 25 27km | RunKeeper

Why the long run?  Its getting into the zone and what a joy it is to hit 15 km and feel good.  Thanks to the barefoot running style I am confident I won’t bust my knees just yet.

After the run, I was really happy to be able to do a long run so comfortably so I downloaded a book into my kindlefire


Excellent stuff and the story about Matt Long really moved me.

Post-marathon reflections – running for the captive dolpins.

I ran the Sundown full marathon on saturday evening at 10pm. Prior to that Otterman called me to wish me good luck and we started to talk about the dolphins that were being held captive and at some point would be brought to Resorts World Singapore for human entertainment. I immediately thought that I should then dedicate the run to the captive dolphins at least to put it on facebook to tell my friends and help raise awareness. And so I did, and posted on facebook that each km goes in against keeping the dolphins captive.

So when I started the race, it was really a different deal from the normal races I do where I basically go with the flow. My thoughts were of the dolphins and trust me, 42 km is a lot of time and distance to think about it. I ran with a running kaki and for the first 10 km we were chatting and telling each other how stupid we were not to train yet again.

By the 21 km mark I was alone and made the u-turn along the PCN at East Coast Parkway. I was alone with my thoughts and my pace was good, dedicating each km to the dolphins made the run a purposeful one. And as I ran close to the beach, I imagined dolphins porpoising (alternately rising above the water and submerging) freely in the sea nearby. I kept my pace and was in for a sub-6 hour timing; I had everything covered – gobbled enough power gels to keep glycogen stores up and checked my heart rate and running pace. My previous marathon was done in 6hrs 55 mins, not very good by any standards.

Then it happened yet again at the 35km, the “Wall”. I had stopped at a hydration station and took in two cups of 100-plus and wiping my face with a dry towel I had kept in a ziploc. After wiping my face, I felt instantly dizzy and had that bitter taste in my mouth. Very.. bad.. feeling. I struggled to even to stand up and walk so I laid down on the road for 10 mins. There were nice runners who saw me in trouble and ask: “Bro, you ok?”

At the 39km mark, I was barely making it, constantly spitting out the bitter taste developing in my mouth and walking very wearily. All thoughts of dolphins now disappeared and I thought how terrible for me not to finish a race I had dedicated to them. Even the thoughts of the dolpins couldn’t keep me going.

What kept me going and not fainting were thoughts of my little kids running beside me, laughing and skipping as they always do and me walking alongside my wife – as we do when we walk in the park. I had to visualise that to keep myself from giving up and that mental picture and the sounds of my kids laughter kept me going. Such is the strength of family ties, what we treasure most, our closest and dearest. It keeps us going no matter what. I finished the marathon in 6 hrs 15 mins, shaving off 40 mins from my previous timing.

What goes through a dolpin’s head when it is separated from its closest? I know as a biologist, that dolphins are highly social. If our family ties give us so much, then won’t it be the same for social and intelligent creatures? Especially sentient and highly intelligent ones like dolphins?

What bothers me about the RWS issue is that in the past we were battling ignorance of what people knew about dolpins. These days in a highly educated society like ours, what is it that we are battling to free the dolpins?

From now on, I am dedicating all the mileage I clock for the release of the dolphins and in support of the campaign by ACRES called the World’s Saddest Dolphins

Did I run back in time…?

The morning runs to Changi are the best runs I have had. Today was my second such run, 22.47 km to eat prata and sambal with Siva and Kenneth

At the 5th km mark, I was on the roll, feeling good and finally tearing off the shackles of a two-week long flu (and the term break has just begun), I eyed these two figures at a distance. Gee the poor foreign workers have to work on sundays and start at 530 am? As I paced along and got closer, I realised that one of them, wearing a conical straw hat (or coolie hat), was holding on to a chicken by the neck and presenting it to the other, a woman in a dated cheong sam… Did I run back in time….?

run back in time.jpg

Tune in next time, as I run into the future…

breakfast run 2.jpg

Long mid-afternoon run

run 3 Jan 2011

17.3 km
2hrs 30 mins

This run felt longer than it was. Must be the time I started – 1:43 pm. I love running in the heat but at the 12 k mark today, I was wilting and salt was precipitating on my skin. I am still getting used to running long with the vibrams but today’s run was much better with moderate protests from my feet.

The good thing about running with the minimalist footwear is that my knees don’t hurt after a long run. Usually my right knee is the first one to feel it and it must be because my right leg is shorter. But with the midsole strike, the knees seem to be ok.